04-The garden of the taxi-drivers of the Airport of Barcelona


Entering the area of the parking-space of the taxi-drivers of the Airport, you also enter an own little world. »It`s like a camping or a village; people eat, talk, play the cards or chess, there is a band …«. One man, while he waits in the queue to go up to the airport, cultivates a small piece of land next to the access road to the terminals, that the Airport-company Aena allocates him.


The others call this man, who lived his whole life in the countryside, ´Pepe from the garden`. Two years ago he started to cultivate next to the airport-area. Sometimes he gets help from one of the others who were already planting the little area where today only the garlic is growing before Pepe came. They take the water for the plants out of the tab next to the bar of the taxi-drivers, the first fig tree was brought from Granada. So they succeeded, step by step, to grow their own seedlings in a corner of the garden, of tomatoes for example.


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