19-Kan Kadena


To talk about the last years of the garden of this farmhouse also means to talk about the history of one man in particular. He lived all his life in Esplugues de Llobregat, cultivating the land of C`an Oliveres, his farmhouse of which an estate agency with the help of the government sacked him after 23 years of struggle. As his old house is still in an abandoned state he proposes to start with urban gardens on its land.


He himself found a new garden, where he could dedicate himself to what he had done his whole life, distract and forget about his pain, when the squaters of Kan Kadena invited him in 2005 to their place. »For me it was more than finding a family, I found a deep friendship«.


Until the eviction of the house in march 2009 around 20 people were eating from the garden, 11 years of a project passed and the old man had lived ten months in the squat making of the garden something incredible. »Where there were 10 salads planted before, Pep planted 200«. Some of them got auctioned in the party before the eviction.



Because of a garden he got used to another way ol living what also got him to know more similar projects like Can Masdeu. »If we had been here this year we surely had started with activities around the garden, too«.



With his work, his passion and his love he gave life to an abandoned garden with a lot of potentials »to see the boys and girls happy«. What he could teach them he continues at his terracee of his flat.


* In the moment of the publication of this blog the farm and it`s destroyed gardens are still abandoned and no changes happened.

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