18-Hort Comunitari de Gràcia


25th of October 2008: after a move through the neighbourhood the participants entered publicly this plot which was abandoned since five years. To denounce the speculation in the neighbourhood of Gràcia and to reclaim socially used spaces, a communal garden offered a meeting-point and a place of integration and the users want to transform it into a formation and information centre.


Instead of sprinklers, the watering is organized with a proximate residence of old people; the water is coming out of the ´squated tap`.



Many of the planted seeds come from Can Masdeu or from XAINGRA (exchange-network of Gràcia). They still haven`t eaten a lot, but the idea is to share what they pick with everybody in the people`s ktichens in the garden.


Because of the report made by the legal owners of the plot a court-case was held the 1st of October 2009 against the ´unknown squaters`. The time for the plants, the workshops, the playground and the guided visits, for the participation of the network of exchanging knowledge and the two groups of communal upbringing of children seems to be restricted. Nevertheless this garden is an example of a big success of a social and cultural space for cultivation.






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