17-Communal garden of Clot and Akí me planto


People don`t make anouncements about the lunches, concerts and stuff they do in the communal garden in the Clot neighbourhood in an extensive way because the garden is an attempt to create roots in the neighbourhood for the people of the neighbourhood. There is already one part of the garden planted by some neighbours in the same street.



The seeds or seedlings for example come out of the garden Akí me planto (´Here I am planting myself`) in the neighbourhood of Sant Andreu; people return the favour helping out in the other garden. This way they also share the crop out amoungst themselves. Some of it was also bought to the people`s kitchen in the squated Social Centre La Gordísima.



People started with the Clot garden in July 2008, however its garden-friend has already existed in the same place for five years. Its two present permanent users started with the »gardening offensive against the dictatorship of cement« a year ago. Because of the small number of people involved in the project the activities which were on offer in the garden before still aren`t back.




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