16-Self-managed garden of the UB Raval


»When we plant and stuff, we water with buckets of water we get from the kitchen of the bar of the University, but in general we never have to water. With the rainfalls and the sprinklers the soil is always wet, isn`t that curious?«

Because of this luck and about six students working, there is now growing all types of vegetables and fruits between the bar and the library of this centric Faculty of the University of Barcelona.



They squated an unused part of the yard of the UB Raval to start with the garden. It was an activity in the context of the week of struggle and strikes in November 2008. The garden is organized in a pretty spontaneous way, with one fix day of work to which more and more people come, among them older people of the neighbourhood who always have some advices how to cultivate.



That`s how an unused space got life. It was transformed into a place of a self-managed studies. Until now they haven`t gathered a lot, but who comes around will get some food and some things will be used for the vegan people`s kitchen which takes place four days a week in the same faculty.


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