15-Faculty of Biology

»Isn`t it really harsh that in the Faculty of Biology all the fields existed only for experiments and we didn`t have an idea of how a tomatoe grows if not by powerpoint-presentations?«


Wanting to change the situation in their faculty a group of students transformed a wasted parking space in to a garden almost four years ago.


After some negotiations with the dean who didn`t want to see plants next to abandoned cars without wheels, they moved the garden to the present space. The group of ecologists ´Skamot verd` also organizes peoples kitchens and talks in the garden.






The dean wants to make in the same space that is used now by the students, a grass-campus. The proposal by the students to include the existing garden in the new project was rejected with the excuse that the design was already decided.


Here the interviewees see the administrative bond of their garden to those given out by the government. Instead of boosting those already existing, they appropiate the collective systems to do the same afterwards, but with a lot more barriers.


»Here it`s the administration of the Faculty of Biology who thinks that when they take control of the project everybody is going to participate. The existing garden is already open to everybody«, even if they just come to have lunch and take some fresh air.



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