14-Can Masdeu


Here the office RurBana is situated that among other things offers the seed-exchange-bank. Since already seven years the squatted project resists with its Communal Gardens to maintain a traditional agricultural area of Barcelona which now is surrounded by the city.

For the 50 allotments of Can Masdeu – 10 are cultivated by the 25 people of the house, 40 are shared out to young and old people of the neighbourhood Nou Barris and for example to a Consume Cooperative – the old terraces were regained step by step, transforming them into an alimentation-place of production and reproduction; of self-learning and agricultural education, offering work-days and guided visits for groups.



The political-strategic aspect consists of opening a space »to give to other people what should be given to them essentially by the government. But we do it in a cheaper and better way, because in a different one. «




They decide everything about the water and the allocation of the land in the assembly. They also share the tools, but everybody cultivates what he/she wants. A 75% of the seedlings of the last year was made in the house.



Every three months they have big lunches with all the people of ´Huertos Comunitarios` and the salad, mangel etcetera that are left over are also used for the Sunday-lunches in the RurBar. There they easily cook between 100 and 120 portions.



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