13-La Farga


The working days in this garden don`t only mean to clean and fix the place, to get off weeds or to plant. What emphasizes is the reward after work. All the people helping the day of the photos enjoyed directly of the crop in form of a delicious paella.


At the beginning they started to cultivate behind the Social Centre La Farga in the neighbourhood of Sants to be closer to the plants, but »now we see that we can really eat out of here«. To recover this space the three permanent users did a general cleaning in September 2008. Taking out the rubble they found even pieces of bombs.


Now they already got new seedling out of the same land, some of them go back to the bank of exchange of seeds in the valley of the Collserola. The crops are distributed between those cultivating and those of the squat.




The garden is equally open for snails and birds as for everybody who wants to participate, although there isn`t a fix day of work because »a garden needs to be treated constantly, mainly because in this one we cultivate according to the lunar calendar«. Besides they try to regenerate ecosystems, letting other plants grow in the most natural way respecting the balance and harmony of the nature.


* The squat and the garden of La Farga got evicted by police the 1st of October 2009.

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