12-Colonia Castells


The official opening of this squated garden was celebrated on the 23rd of June 2009, although at this point around 15 persons had already been working on it for eight months: getting rubble put of the place, planting, reaping and distributing the vegetables in the neighbourhood.



In between the old walls and tiles left of the floor of the demolished house, they cultivate according to the bio-dynamic calendar. It`s a way of giving life back to a whole neighbourhood in danger of destruction. The decision to enter this space of the first phase of the demolition of this working class neighbourhood was taken in the assembly to save the Colonia Castells. It is also in this meeting were they still talk about what to do in the space recovered as an urban self-managed garden that works »without the need of passing all the bureaucracy of the institutions«.


As free as the people that want to help the chickens are moving until at the end of a working-day they will sleep in the coop and until the bulldozers come…



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