10-L`Hortet del Forat


This special case, in which a squated garden ended up being an equipment of the City started in the year 2000 when the neighbourhood of La Ribera became the object of a big urbanistic plan. With the plantation of a pine tree the neighbours baptized what was left after the demolition of several buildings as ´Forat de la Vergonya` (´Hole of shame`) and they started to plant a garden in this hole.


After the long-lasting negotiations and the destruction of the square built by the neighbours, the government finally agreed to equip the area. L`Hortet del Forat (´The little garden of the hole`) found its place in a corner of the present square, no longer squated but self-managed by the assembly, even if they take some budgets of the City. With the garden the present users participate in activities of the neighbourhood and they offer people`s kitchens when they gather enough.



According to the interviewee the history of this garden has to be seen as a success of a neighbours-struggle, because since then there is a lot of persons coming and taking advantages which will always be better than a parking.


It was the children of the neighbourhood that planted most of the vegetables and they also built the fence, of which the door is always open: »An urban garden should be really communal, without particular interests. In this way we could create more public and green spaces, cultivating wherever and not only in the countryside«.





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