09-L`hort de l`Avi

The area of 400m2, used by 19 retired men and women, the garden Hort de l`Avi in the forestal part of Park Güell is the oldest of the gardens administred by the City of Barcelona. The interviewee is already planting without any pesticides since 14 years.



In 1986 some old people of the neighbourhood of Vallcarca Norte, where the former land of a farmhouse destroyed a long time ago is situated, asked the district for a space to cultivate. »The inicial group (…) looked after the constructions of the terraces, the tracks, the benches, the tables and a pergola«. This citation of the webpage of the City of Barcelona represents quite well the difference of this garden to these of the actual programme of urban gardens.


The users decided what and how they wanted to do and they have the parcels for a undefined time. »This five-years-thing isn`t good for the land and not for the people«. The garden hasn`t only brought them an activity of spare time but also a lot of groups of children, friendships expressed for example in the lunches they do together and also knowledge, because not all of them had have a garden before.


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