08-Garden of the farm Can Mestre


Until 1997 the cultivation at this garden was done privately by the inhabitants of the farmhouse Can Mestre. Two years after the expropriation of the farmhouse the government took advantage of the land and built 51 parcels, of which one is designated to disabled people from the Sants-Montjüic district and where there are also four retired women cultivating the land.

One of those women says that when she first heard about the plan on the radio she suggested to her husband to take part, »because I thought that women didn`t count«. Now she has been growing her own vegetables for three years.


Another interviewee excitedly explains how much he is enjoying himself because of this programme and how much he has learned through his new friends, bearing in mind that he had never seen a garden before. Apart from cultivating his allotment he also takes care of the area reserved for children coming with the programme of environmental education.



Like him there are also volunteers who take care of the animals and their cages, who are there to create a realistic farm setting. Now the house is used for some of the offices of the programme ´Huertos Urbanos’.




The person responsible describes the difficulties that she sometimes has with the old people: »I have to tell them off so many times so that they use the water in the right way and only during the hour everybody is entitled to, every Tuesday or Friday, and I have to take care that they don`t occupy the empty allotments next to their own«. She emphasizes that it`s a luxury to have a garden in such a dense city as Barcelona.


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