07- Hort del Camí de la Torre Melinas


30 retired people are spending their spare time in this garden in between the neighbourhood of Les Corts and the towns Hospitalet and Esplugues since April 2009.


The interviewees got to know about the drawing already held in 2006 in the newspaper. »I hadn`t won anything before that«, is the only woman laughing. First they gave them some parcels up in the neighbourhood of Les Corts but than they had to move because of constructions. This costed them a year without garden which won`t be quit of the entitled five years.


Before the garden some people sold crap here, then the City expropiated it and during its abadoned state it housed homeless until finally it was equiped with 31 parecels – the last one is waiting for its users with mental problems –, 31 lockers to change clothes and to leave tools, a WC, benches to rest, taps to plug in hoses and a space for the compost.




From the tracks of the tram that passes by next to the garden a lot of people is watching them and giving advices, a thing that upsets the users. As the others will be upset not to have won any garden …


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