On Sunday 24th of may 2009, 600 people took part in the first march in defence of Can Trabal against the destruction of the agricultural area of Bellvitge. It is the last corner of a lot of hectares that has characterized Hospitalet de Llobregat for several centuries.


The 45 current hectares have to give way to a large scale urban plan. »We think that the plan is an absolute lack of ecological sense and we can`t understand the local stance«.


On the other hand, close to this area there are still quite a lot of gardens close to the borders of the railway tracks. The first neighbour asked the spanish train company Renfe 30 years ago if he could transform what was a marginal strip full of stones and rubbish into a garden. Now there are between 12 and 14 people cultivating this place to entertain themselves. »I actually spend more than I gather«, for seeds and seedlings. He stores the  rainwater to irrigate his plants. Everyone is doing his/her own thing and the activities are limited to the cultivation. But there is always friends coming around to help or to take away some vegetables.



It is posible that they will also suffer an urban plan like Can Trabal which wants to reform the motorways next to the railways and transform the gardens into a roundabout. The interviewee sees this as the end of his cultivating activity.



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