02-El Carmelo

The housing terraces in the Carmelo neighbourhood are made up of a multi-plane construction that invites inhabitants to cultivate gardens. So when one of the women living in Carmelo asked some young neihgbours to clean her garden of weeds, they proposed the idea to her to plant the vegetables that have now been growing here since February 2009.

Some of the six looking after the plants also take part in other guerrilla-gardens in Barcelona. The idea is to give life to the few spaces left like this in the city. In this circumstance it was all about »getting in contact with the neighbours« and there is actually an ongoing project created by an exchange-network in the neighbourhood who are trying to share time, knowledges and seeds. Some of these are still from the Grandfather of one of the old neighbours, `cause many of the gardens have existed for such a long time.

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