03-´City of gardens`


The microclimate of this green area between the towns of Esplugues and Hospitalet de Llobregat doesn`t only describe the heat, the humidity and the amount of insects in this labyrinth of small tracks between the 200 and 300 gardens. It also explains very well the way in which the retired are self-managing the cultivation.


To water some of them take advantage of the wastepipe of Esplugues that crosses the area, others just use the rain. They exchange knowledge, seedlings, crops and also the parcels leaving them or transfering them to the next ones. The junk caracterizing the area can be useful in any moment to fix the fences of every parcel, because there have been cases of robbery, destruction and fire.


The place as its history have got something mystic: according to the interviewees the gardens exist like now since between 20 and 50 years, since »the marchioness, owner of the proximate empty farmhouse, who wants to see the poor people in gloves and not abandoned here and there« left. One of the users tells that already when he got his garden 14 years ago there were rumors of what they wanted to to with the area; »but here we are still in peace«.





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